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The appealing Pepee Cool Mint 360ml bottle appeals to the senses with the splashing of water giving the bottle a refreshing look.

Once opened, Pepee Cool Mint has a smell not dissimilar to a mint candy.

The sensation of Pepee Cool Mint is its most special feature.

Once applied the cold sensation will last for a good 10 minutes before returning to room temperature, which is fantastic for those Summer months.

The feeling of Pepee Cool Mint on your skin with a cool breeze is exhilarating, coupled with the silky viscosity, this will surely not disappoint.

Recommended if you are experimenting with a lube for an altogether different sensation.

**Glycerin Free**

Ideal for

  • Mint scented massage
  • Those that are hypersensitive to other scented lubricants
  • General purpose water-based lubricant


Tips for massage using Cool Mint:

  • Make sure to have a small bowl of water or spray bottle near by. Depending on how vigorous the massage may be, the water-based lubricant, like all water-based lubricants can dry. By simply applying a small amount of water, the crystals will reactivate allowing for a longer massage duration.
  • Running the bottle under hot water or placing in the microwave aids in heating up the lubricant.
  • When finished, wipe down with a towel first. This should be enough, but if you wash your hands/body without wiping with a towel, the crystals will reactivate


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